This category is for General Queries for emerging writers only. That is, if you have never published a book of any genre or length before, we ask you submit under this category.

By submitting under this category, please understand that you are attesting you have never published a book before. We have created this category to try and work with authors and manuscripts that have tremendous potential and where one or more of our editors may feel the manuscript may benefit from revisions/edits, working with the author until the manuscript is ready for publication.

However, if the submission is declined with an offer to workshop one on one with the editor that has offered, the author must understand he/she needs to be completely open to having the manuscript perhaps radically revised. The author has to be prepared for a workshop type atmosphere where the editor will be, at times, brutally honest, but only to the extent the manuscript would benefit from it.

Also, the author must understand the final revised manuscript would be subject to approval from both Associate Editors and the Editor-in-Chief, so there is no guarantee for publication.

If you submit under this category and do not wish to have the opportunity for a one on one workshop with an editor should an editor choose to work on a re-write with you, please indicate you are not open to any potential re-write opportunities on the first page of your manuscript.

Finally, submitting under this category does not guarantee an editor will choose your manuscript to work one on one with you to revise your manuscript. You may either be accepted or declined without an offer for revision.

If you’re game, please read on…

Please query what you’ve got…your pet projects, labors of love. We’ll read novels (keep it under 300 6 X 9 Tradeback pages), Novellas, Novelettes, Memoirs, Full-Length Poetry, Story Collections, Chaps…whatever you like. I’ll consider any genre (please no slash em up or tie em for the sake of shock).

In the query, send us a bit about yourself (without ever telling us your name or your publication history), why you write, what your project is and why you had it in your heart to write it. We care not about pedigree. We don’t want your resume or a list of awards. Be humble. Be real. That’s the kind of author we love.

Please send the entire manuscript with the except of works over 100 pages. Please only submit the first 20 pages of works over 100 pages. Please do not save your file with your name as part of the file name. Please indicate genre of submission, i.e. poetry, prose, creative non-fiction, memoir, etc. in the submission title.

Please be prepared for personal responses. The editor is a real person, not someone sitting in an office with stacks of paper. Feel free to talk to one of our current authors to understand what I’m talking about.