Well, looks like our submission declination response is being well-received. We are giving very personal, constructive remarks with both strengths and weaknesses for every submission we receive.

We’ve received tremendous feedback. (No identifying information included. If you recognize your response, please know ELJ is ever so grateful you’ve appreciated our feedback.)

“Thank you for your comments. Although it is never easy to get a REJECTION! you did so with courtesy and thoughtfulness, and I do appreciate that, as well as the comments….Again, thanks for your generous comments.”

“Thanks for the suggestions anyway. It’s always better to at least know somebody at least read it.”

“Please pass on my most sincere thanks to the editor who provided some feedback and thank you for including it in your email.”

“Thank you for the good and helpful comments. So many editors are unwilling to take time for this important exchange. I appreciate your willingness to do so.”

“Thank you so much for your feedback….my writing is very much in a state of development and growth, and your insight has definitely encouraged me to rework the pieces I submitted. I appreciate the time that was taken to look over my work, and I hope you all continue to thrive over at ELJ.”

“Thanks so much for your time, generosity and feedback! I’ll look forward to submitting again!”

“Thank you for taking the time to respond to my essay. I especially appreciate the comments. They do resonate: I know that I have a tendency to over-explain…”

We’ve also gotten some interesting comments about our automatic response and acceptance letters. We like having fun, even if it is via Submittable.