Effective immediately, ELJ Publications will now be implementing the following strategies going forward to keep the press both running continuously and successfully for years to come:
  • Due to lack of interest in our most recent competitions, ELJ Publications will no longer host contests in the future. This will allow us to focus on unsolicited submissions received during our open reading period.
  • We will now host a brief reading window annually from February 1st-March 31st. As such, we will close to submissions this year on March 31st. All current reading fees will remain the same. We may still, depending on our workloads, open up for random 48-hour windows throughout the year. If applicable, we will announce these windows via this newsletter.
  • Though our acceptance ratio for manuscripts already falls well below 1%, beginning in 2016, we will now be limiting our number of published titles to approximately 15 titles or less annually going forward. These titles will be accepted during our open reading period(s) only. We will still read manuscripts for our Afternoon Shorts (ebook) series, but will limit acceptances to 3 titles or less per year. Our goal is to devote more individual attention to each published title.
  • We will continue to accept unsolicited novel submissions year round for an $8 reading fee. However, please note we are still looking to only accept one novel manuscript per year.
  • Wild Horses submissions will be read from September 1st-November 1st annually. All contributors will receive (1) copy of the issue. We will continue to pay $5  per contributor up to 20 contributors. Reprints acceptable.
  • Turn : Turn : Turn submissions will still be read continuously throughout the year, as it is a quarterly journal of flash fiction. Requirements for this journal have changed. We will be publishing 3 stories per contributor going forward in lieu of 7 for a total of 30 contributors per issue. All contributors will receive (1) copy of the issue. 100% reprint acceptable.
  • Wood Becomes Bone will remain open continuously until the issue is full. Reprints for the collection are OK. All 5 contributors will receive (1) copy of the issue and $20.
  • scissors & spackle, The J.J. Outré Review, Emerge Literary Journal, and Amethyst Arsenic will follow their current guidelines and reading periods.
Thank you for your continued support of the press. We hope these changes will not only strengthen the viability of the press but also its reputation and longevity.