Audrey: A Book of Love


Audrey: A Book of Love is an important look at intricate facets of love as it surprises, delights, challenges, sometimes defeats, and always honors our lives.”She came with a painted dragon and cinnamon hearts for Valentine’s. Her name was Audrey and I am hard pressed to remember what anyone else brought to the party.”

Audrey tells the story of young poet who falls in love with an older woman and a young man at once. Make it your next favorite SUMMER read.  Available NOW.


About the Book:

Beate Sigriddaughter’s writing is fearless and lovely all at once. Her new novel, AUDREY: A BOOK OF LOVE, examines our most precious, (and often all too fleeting), emotion in an honest, lyrical, and forthright way. Sigriddaughter’s language is musical, her characters spring from the page fully formed. We want to know them.  We want to embrace and protect them in their vulnerability and honesty. This book reinforces my belief that poets do indeed write the best prose. Here is a new fictive work with a voice that refuses to be silenced. Everyone should purchase and savor this novel. It’s truly one of those rare books other writers of any stamp will appreciate and save to read again and again.

—Joani Reese, Editor, MadHat Lit and author of three books, including the new collection Night Chorus

What is love? Beate Sigriddaughter explores this timeless question with a confident, wise, and poetic hand in her intimate story of Andrea, a young woman riven by her simultaneous passion for two lovers of opposite genders—and a steadfast commitment to her own personal power and freedom. Compelled to trust in love’s profound truths, follow her hungry heart, and embrace life fully, Andrea must navigate strong, perilous rapids—both figuratively and literally. Sigriddaughter’s perfect-pitch recounting of Andrea’s sensual journey of self-discovery will resonate with anyone who has ever ignored the prescriptions of society in order to care for another deeply, soulfully, and without reservation.

—Richard Mahler, author of Stillness: Daily Gifts of Solitude and The Jaguar’s Shadow: Searching for a Mythic Cat, among other books

Audrey: A Book of Love is an important look at intricate facets of love as it surprises, delights, challenges, sometimes defeats, and always honors our lives.

—Alex Marcoux, award winning novelist and New Thought author

Audrey: A Book of Love is a story of tender and long-suffering love confused with rage and powerlessness, youth and healing, loss of craft, broken promises to oneself, and endless misunderstandings. It’s also a compelling and masterfully written tale of the equally destructive powers of jealousy and alcohol, and the restorative power of love and forgiveness, especially for oneself.

—Susan Clay, Librarian, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

Audrey is a bold and compelling novel. Sigriddaughter gives us insight into the world of a woman who loves both a man and a woman, while she strives to be true to herself and her art.

—Elise Stuart, Poet Laureate, Silver City, New Mexico


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