Every Word Was Once Drunk ~ Ian Bodkin


About the Book:

In Ian Bodkin’s first book of poems Every Word Was Once Drunk, the oracular and the ecstatic meet in the searing character of Drunk who is splashed across these pages like so much lighter fluid. His poems make me want to laugh and dance and wail deep into the night all the way to the stars. He is already a poet to be cherished and celebrated, already a poet to be loved and read again and again. —Robert Vivian

The poems in Ian Bodkin’s Every Word Was Once Drunk experience an inebriation of symbols and signs loosed from fixed ideas. Fluid in the range of observations and activities contemplated, the poems, through the mythic character of Drunk, betray and reveal a widening perspective and a poetic mind relaxing into possibilities. Spirits serve this collection a fine turn of phrase. —Cheryl Pallant

Ian Bodkin’s haunted sequence, with its wounded and bewildered protagonist, Drunk, has something of the wordplay and tonal slipperiness of Berryman’s Dream Songs. But the collection is much more than a mere homage. It is also impressive for its philosophical and semiotic reckonings and for a stance of stoical survivor hood that is ultimately the book’s most notable accomplishment. This is a very fine work indeed, and a splendid debut collection. —David Wojahn


“Enjoyed reading about a persons life told in Poetry. I always read novels so this was a great exercise in making my brain work in a different way. Enjoyed very much.” ~ Larry Bowe, Sr., Amazon.com Customer

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