A Turning Stones Collaboration by Lee Busby and Ian Bodkin.


About the Book:

“Fingertip Scriptures is one part Sam Shepard play, one part surreal Gothic gospel, and one part American History 101 drunk on Netflix. This is a rare and seething and hilarious American original, like nothing I have ever read. May its burning lights lead you to whole new vistas and visions of what the genius of collaboration can do and is in this brilliant montage.” – Robert Vivian, author of The Least Cricket of Evening and The Mover of Bones

Fingertip Scripture is like a great lay for your brain–one part guilty pleasure, one part practiced skill.” – Tatiana Ryckman, author of Twenty-Something

“Well, a city slicker came and he said I’m tough, George Jones, a hero of these poems, crooned in his 1971 hit “White Lightning.” Well, I’m telling you, the poems of Fingertip Scripture are simultaneously tough and tender. Here, Ronnie and Mad — along with their omniscient, omnipotent, friend “Black Lincoln” — take us on a ride from the 75th Street Brewery to a campfire meeting of the Nicotine Brothers & Narcotic Sisters and all points between. These poems are George Jones and Winter’s Bone, moonshine in delicate couplets and hard-won, down-sung lyric. In “The Mystery of Sustenance,” the boys remind each other: “Be sure to pick up some jerky and a case // of forget-me-not and a bottle of that old brown / fire to wash the memory down,” because memory and forgetfulness are the very things that, it turns out, sustain us.” – D. Gilson, author of Brit Lit and I Will Say This Exactly One Time