Rathgeber_Front Cover


“Joseph Rathgeber’s The Abridged Autobiography of Yousef R. is a taut, piercing collection of short stories, filled with a mordant sense of humor and keen insight into the messy, discordant, wildly unpredictable state of contemporary American life.”

—Jess Row, author of The Train to Lo Wu and Your Face in Mine

“Set in a small corner of northern New Jersey, these astonishing stories explore so much that is essential about contemporary life: the comforts and tensions of class, the terrors and joys of parenting, the rage and futility of politics, the strangeness and inscrutability of friendship, the lovely failures of art. Structurally complex and stylistically audacious, these stories engage with the myths and mysteries of our time, showing their strangeness and bringing them fully to life.”

—Nathan Oates, author of The Empty House