The Intimacy Archive ~ Leigh Anne Hornfeldt

About the Book:

In The Intimacy Archive Leigh Anne Hornfeldt explores the tensions that bring us together as well as separate us. Relationships with loved ones, the world, and ourselves are examined with sharp language and deep insight. What we are left with is a sense of longing – a longing to open, to experience the depth of intimacy in each day.

About the Author:

Leigh Anne Hornfeldt is a Kentucky native and the author of East Main Aviary. In 2013 her poem “Laika” placed 2nd in the Argos Prize competition (Dorianne Laux, Judge), and in 2012 she was the recipient of the Kudzu Prize in Poetry. She is the editor of Two of Cups Press, where she recently released and co-edited Small Batch, an anthology of bourbon related poetry.


Poetry is a tricky mistress. She is hard to understand and harder to please. In Miss Hornfeldts’ anthology, that mistress is more nurturing than wily. To be straightforward, I really enjoyed this book. It nurtured my love of poetry all the more. Contemporary poems are far easier to understand than the hoopla from poetry’s formal, flowery early days. Leigh Anne’s poems speak to me on a personal level. Though they aren’t very insightful into her more intimate parts of life, I can relate to her poems because, like her, I am from Kentucky. The seasonal poems read very well to me because I understood the desperate yearning for one normal season–Heat Wave Dissidents and Two Months’ Time gave me a special joy. Her diction wraps you up in memory, and her voice is amicable, drawing you in to a story about normal life written in a new perspective. Like in Texting With my Mother after a Death in the Family, you see an everyday activity, texting, with a dark spin. The end line “we flare in each other’s palms” makes me shiver–a brilliant new way to look at how technology has affected our relationships and our lives. All in all, an A in my book.”

~ Abby, Customer