Smashing Cover

About the Book:

Taut, vivid, and uncanny, the stories in Laura McCullough’s The Smashing House conjure up the displacement and disorientation that haunt our contemporary lives. McCullough moves seamlessly between our `real’ world and the worlds of the possible, bringing a poet’s fire to her compact tales of longing and disaster. ~ Pamela Erens

About the Author:

Laura McCullough’s most recent book of poems is Rigger Death & Hoist Another. Her other books are Panic, Speech Acts, and What Men Want. She is the editor of two anthologies: The Room & the World: Essays on the Poetry of Stephen Dunn, Syracuse University Press, and A Sense of Regard: Essays on Poetry and Race, forthcoming from University of Georgia Press. She is the editor of Mead: the Magazine of Literature and Libations.