About the Book:

[Following] Joyce Goldenstern’s voice is like following a train of thought … that suddenly leads [us] to an epiphany. It is a voice that takes us deep into ourselves and shows us what we are made of, convincing us that despite our failed dreams, we are normal with our “Ten toes. Ten fingers. Two arms. Two legs. Two titties. One head. One heart.” And that despite, or because, of that one heart, we constantly struggle to “find [our] way back to put [ourselves] together again” as we battle with “the important questions of life.” Without pretense, her stories take us on the pilgrimage of life, hoping perhaps that we do reach some understanding. —Olga Abella, editor of Bluestem Magazine                                                                                                        

Joyce Goldenstern’s collection The Story Ends—The Story Never Ends is full of bittersweet knowing and language ….   The narrators are crooning, Look, look. Do you see? Can you feel me? And with stories this realized, you will nod your head in affirmation. —David Rawson, author of A Jellyfish for Every Name

In worldly-wise and elegant prose, Joyce Goldenstern’s stories chart the fierce bonds of love and deep yearning that run across childhood, adulthood and between generations. Set against a Midwest of the past and present, these twelve stories mine devotion, regret, betrayal and loss, at once rich with nostalgia and the drama that inhabits ordinary lives—a testament to the enduring attachments of people and place. —Museum of Americana, A Literary Review