Weight Cover

About the Book:

In Mark Lee Webb’s The Weight of Paper you’ll eavesdrop on the voices of children, parents, performers, movie characters, and outsiders whose secret lives and thoughts mirror your own. You’ll experience a guilty blush of recognition at these snapshots of human struggle. – Steve Abbott, Associate Editor for The Evening Street Review and Retired Professor of English at Columbus State Community College

The Weight of Paper sings and zings through an in-house memory park. Try to read these poems without hearing the organ grinder. Like the tether/of a leaded/glass balloon/ these poems won’t let you go. – Karen Schubert, Youngstown State University

The Weight of Paper sparkles with translucent light and airy melodies that suddenly change key and mood, leaving the reader breathless. Thinks of Chopin when reading these poems – arpeggios and glissandi, idealism compressed with hope and melancholy, ariosos of innocence and experience in delicate murmuring waterfalls. These poems reward from the first reading. – Michael Jackman, Indiana University Southeast.