About the Book:

Like a fairy tale affixed to real life contemporary multi-hued cloudbursts, Alex Stolis’ poetry collection twists the quirks of L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz tales into unsettled relationships of today. It’s filled with its own unique up & down spins of sad, dark and powerful kinks. Fusion mixes of past and future bodies and blues and buzzes and tattoos and scars and mental haunts. Empty feelings morphed into choking or burning; into desire or violent craving.  It offers juxtapositions of love and depression, of gloom and impending doom, of water and fire and unsatisfied yearnings for real depth. Like a convoluted storm surge, it is bound to make you sizzling wet and burn you. —Juliet Cook, Editor Thirteen Myna Birds

This poetic collection is a bold mix of fable and fact, truth and lies. A tale that will leave the reader breathlessly cheering Dorothy as she searches for love and redemption.  He skillfully draws you into Dorothy’s world—Add in a cyclone, toss in the winged monkeys and take flight with Dorothy as she travels the land of the broken hearted. A search that brings her to the Tin Man, the Scarecrow-and face to face with a lewd & lascivious Oz. Alex skillfully takes the reader on a voyage of self-discovery, the meaning of intimacy, and what it means to find Home again. —Lynnie Gobeille & Jan Keough, Editors The Origami Poems Project

Alex Stolis’ latest book of poems “Without Dorothy, there is no going home” is further evidence of the creative prowess of this fine American poet. Alex begins to enchant us with his unorthodox treatment of the Wizard of Oz fable. Each wonderful gem has such quotable material, one wonders what magic well Alex draws from. Truly an enriching experience- these are poems I won’t soon forget. —Teresa White, author of Gardenias for a Beast

There are many reasons to take The Wizard of Oz seriously. It winds its way through American consciousness and, for many, rolls through our subconscious like that astounding twister.  In this collection of poems inspired by the masterpiece, Alex Stolis brings this ultimately familiar story —and all its essential elements—into the lives of fallen contemporary people, into motels and bad affairs. It’s an uncanny accomplishment, skillful, insightful, sad and beautiful. —Dale Wisely, Editor, Right Hand Pointing

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