Mathew Serback

MathewSerbackAbout the Author:

Mathew Serback’s writing is similar to the beautiful and terrifying images you struggle with as you fall asleep. He is proud to have his fiction appear in over a dozen literary magazines including, but not limited to, scissors&spackle, The Flexible Persona, Yellow Chair Review, Gone Lawn, and  Icarus Down Review. He was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, but has spent time in Houston and Seattle as well. He is currently an assistant editor for the online literary publication Bartleby Snopes. Mathew is terrific at pantomiming professional wrestling in his living room. His current goal is to learn the choreography to Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” You can interact with him on Twitter @Mathew_Serback, on Facebook Mathew Serback, and on Instagram Flatman_TFGAN.

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