Sarah Frances Moran

MoranAbout the Author:

Sarah Frances Moran is a queer latinx poet born and raised in Houston, Texas.  Writing for her came out of a desire to help others and has evolved into full blown insistence on changing the world.  Her aim is to poetically fight for love and harness the type of tender violence needed to push love forward.  She strongly believes that words have immeasurable power.
Sarah is a huge advocate for animal welfare and works daily to combat pet overpopulation.  She resides in Waco, Texas with her partner and a small horde of chihuahuas.
Her chapbook Evergreen (Weasel Press) released in July 2016 and she has two more forthcoming in 2016: La Bella Muerte (Crisis Chronicles Press) and I Am A Terrorist (Dark Heart Press.)
For more information about Sarah please visit her website or Amazon author page.

To purchase Evergreen, please click here.

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