SusanDeFreitaspressphotoAbout the Author:

Susan DeFreitas is a writer, editor, and spoken word artist. Her work has appeared in The Utne Reader, The Nervous Breakdown, Southwestern American Literature, Fourth River, Weber—The Contemporary West, and Bayou Magazine, among other publications. She is a regular contributor to Litreactor, PDXX, and The Bear Deluxe, as well as the managing editor of the Doug Fir Fiction Contest. She holds an MFA from Pacific University and lives in Portland, Oregon, where she serves as an associate editor with Indigo Editing & Publications and a reader for Tin House Magazine.

More information on Susan can be found on her blog, her Author Website or Facebook. Tweet to Susan: @manzanitafire

Susan’s work can be found online at the following journals:

Gardener’s Refrain, Equinox ~ About Place Journal

Fear of Men ~ HEart Journal Online

At Both Ends ~ Pine Grove Literary Review

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PDXX Collective