Submissions are open 2/1-4/1 Annually.

ELJ Publications is currently seeking to publish collaborative projects under the imprint in 2017.

The collaborations we’re looking to read/publish can be any genre, any length, whatever. It just has to be fresh, edgy, have two authors and fit the ELJ red-headed stepchild aesthetic.

ELJ Publications prefers narrative prose and free verse poetry that explores human emotions, experiences, dreams, revelations, etc. We also veer towards the surreal with powerful images and language. If you feel that your poems and/or stories fit into any of these categories, please consider us. We prefer works up to 50,000 words. If your manuscript is in excess of 50,000 words, please query first at

Submit here.

About ELJ:

A writer’s manuscript is ultimately their heart. It should be treated with respect, and the author should have some control over the process. It’s their book. It’s their words. Every page should be treated with respect, held high, preserved for each and everyone that picks it up. We understand transparency can be construed as vulnerability or a sign of weakness in this day and age  and send people running for the hills, but in all reality, doesn’t every writer want to be treated as a human being and not a manuscript?

We read BLIND. We will get a feel for who you are through your words, your stories and your voice. When we fall in love with your manuscript and find out who you are, we still won’t care about your pedigree. We will care most about you as not only a writer but a person. We believe in collaboration between writer and editor, person and person. We believe in words, what they have to say to the reader, to the world. We believe in transparency and accessibility. We feel publishing a collection should be an interactive and personalized experience. Every company has a vision. This is ELJ Publications. We are currently small and growing with a handful of dedicated authors, mostly emerging, with really awesome stories to tell. And, if we ever manage to become a large press, we will endeavor to keep this vision make sure everyone that works for the press keeps this vision close to their hearts.

If you agree with our vision, if you want a meaningful experience when publishing either your first book or twentieth, please consider us. We encourage you to purchase a title, hold it in your hands, speak with our current and forthcoming authors, learn more about the press and ask them about their experiences. We encourage you to write to the editor with questions at any time and expect a personal response. if you believe you can benefit from publishing with ELJ, then we encourage you to submit whatever you would like. We will support you 100%. We put in our sweat equity to treat your baby like our baby.



We currently offer 10% royalties on the retail price of every Turning Stones title, 5% for each author. We will also offer the author the ability to purchase deeply discounted copies and earn more money via book signings, readings and consignment. There is never an obligation to purchase copies. Both authors will receive ten (10) copies of the collection at no cost to the authors. There is never a minimum requirement of the number of copies either author must purchase. Discounted copies are priced proportionately to the list price.

We require a signed contract upon acceptance that requests a two (2) year exclusive to the publication of the  collection. That is to say, upon acceptance, the author will grant ELJ Publications two (2) years to sell the collection as a whole under the original title. The author may, at anytime, during the two (2) years publish up to 75% of the collection, either individually or as part of a full-length collection or different collection that has a completely different title. Basically, we do not want you to publish your collection with us and the same exact collection with another publisher for two (2) years. Anyway, why would you want the same title with two different publishers in the first place? All rights to all work revert back to you upon publication. We just ask that you not combine more than 75% of the pieces into a new collection under the original title published with ELJ Publications. Please consider this prior to submitting. A sample of our contract can be found here.

For an example of what we publish, please visit our Catalogue.