Wild Horses: The Women on Fire Series

ISSN 2372-6881(print)

Wild Horses is currently on HIATUS

and will re-open to submissions on 9/1/17

Wild Horses is an annual print journal exclusively written by women to celebrate Women’s History Month. We are looking for 20 writers each contributing creative works of all types as part of an annual collection. Please send us poetry, prose, CNF, memoir, essay and/or reviews of the books of awesome women writers. Accepted contributors will receive (1) copy of the collection. We are looking to share women’s stories of empowerment and triumph, everything and anything woman. Please tell us your story. Together we will set the world on fire.

We are currently accepting 1-3 pieces per longer submissions (anything over 1,000 words). Shorter works, including poetry should include 5-10 pieces (anything under 1,000 words). Feel free to submit a mix of genres in each submission. Any submissions not meeting the minimum number of pieces cannot be considered for publication.

All sales proceeds will be donated to RAINN: Rape Abuse Incest National Network.

Submit here.

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