About the Book:

“With One Never Eats Four, poet Samantha Duncan performs linguistic and associational acrobatics with content that delves into the deep recesses of the psyche. Duncan’s tone is sturdy and assured in juxtaposition to her oftentimes wildly imaginative and dreamlike imagery rooted in physical sensation: “A bee whisks the hair over my ear,” “fork punctures my lip, sour blood lies through teeth” (“Inventory”). The resulting tension between content and tone asks the reader to go all-in, both sensually and intellectually. This collection isn’t for the passive reader. Its poems beg to be fully experienced.” – Leah Sewell, author of Birth in Storm

“The twenty-five poems in Samantha Duncan’s One Never Eats Four are carefully crafted explorations of transformation, of what is and what is not. Her verse is rich in its scarcity; each line pared down to its most essential, brightest form. And each line is music, too—painful music, marking “the season [her] feelings/ran out/[her] pores.” – Annalee Kwochka, author of Opening the Doors of the Temple