ELJ Editions will get a feel for who you are through your words, your stories and your voice. When we fall in love with your manuscript and find out who you are, we still won’t care about your pedigree. We will care most about you as not only a writer but a person. We believe in collaboration between writer and editor, person and person. We believe in words, what they have to say to the reader, to the world. We believe in transparency and accessibility. We feel publishing a collection should be an interactive and personalized experience.

If you agree with our vision, if you want a meaningful experience when publishing either your first book or twentieth, please consider us. We encourage you to purchase a title, hold it in your hands, speak with our current and forthcoming authors, learn more about the press and ask them about their experiences. We encourage you to write to the editor with questions at any time and expect a personal response. If you believe you can benefit from publishing with ELJ, then we encourage you to submit whatever you would like. We will support you 100%. We put in our sweat equity to treat your baby like our baby.



If submitting is still something you’d like to pursue, please SUBMIT after reading the following information:

ELJ Editions prefers narrative prose and free verse poetry that explores human emotions, experiences, dreams, revelations, etc. We also veer towards the surreal with powerful images and language. If you feel that your poems and/or stories fit into any of these categories, please consider us. We like edgy. We like experimental.

Please send us a bit about yourself in the coverletter, why you write, what your project is and why you had it in your heart to write it. We don’t want your resume or a list of awards. Be humble. Be real. That’s the kind of author we love.

When either submitting or querying, ELJ Editions generally offers expedited responses. If your work is not a snug fit, you will hear from us quickly. If your work is heavily under consideration, we will notify you via the Submittable note feature roughly every 14 days.

We can be reached at any time at for general questions.



We currently offer 10% royalties on the retail price of every single-author title (retail price for ELJ titles begin at $6.99). We also offer the author the ability to purchase additional copies at a 40% discount. There is never an obligation to purchase copies. Every author will receive ten (10) copies of the collection at no cost to the author.

We require a signed contract upon acceptance that requests a two (2) year exclusive to the publication of the collection. That is to say, upon acceptance, the author will grant ELJ Editions two (2) years to sell the collection as a whole under the original title. The author may, at anytime, during the two (2) years publish up to 75% of the collection, either individually or as part of a full-length collection or different collection that has a completely different title. Basically, we do not want you to publish your collection with us and the same exact collection with another publisher for two (2) years. All rights to all work revert back to you upon publication. We just ask that you not combine more than 75% of the pieces into a new collection under the original title published with ELJ Editions. Please consider this prior to submitting. A sample of our contract can be found here.

ELJ completes all interior formatting and cover design.

We take careful time and consideration with your manuscript. We love the written word. For an example of what we publish, please visit our Catalogue.

We appreciate your continued support.

Happy Trails,



Still want to consider us? Please SUBMIT here. We strongly encourage multiple and simultaneous submissions.

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