Gene McCullough is a local redneck who’s just starting to figure out what really matters, particularly as it relates to his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Darla. But what will it take for this rabble-rouser to embrace change? Winners & Losers is a story about hearts like wheels, and the limitation and loss that amplify what’s truly meaningful in our lives.

Praise for Winners & Losers

Travis Grant’s characters in Winners & Losers are living and breathing, shirtsleeves whipping in the breeze of an open truck window—you walk among them every day.  In this beaut of a novella Grant takes you on a ride that swerves somewhere between a George Jones’ country song and the wildness of George Jones’ actual drunken escapades.  And he does it with pure, authentic voice and heart.  This is one to read.

–Adam Van Winkle, author of Dylan Quick is a Dairy Queen Don Quixote and EIC of Cowboy Jamboree Press