Through a series of flash narratives, Kathryn Silver-Hajo’s powerful debut story collection, Wolfsong, draws us irresistibly into the lives of a constellation of female characters. The girls and women of Wolfsong are by turns fierce, curious, playful, vulnerable, reflective and wise. Taken together, the stories form a compelling arc from the innocent explorations of childhood, through budding growth, maturation, and the sometimes-fraught journeys women undertake as they forge their unique places in the world. Silver-Hajo’s characters uncover lifelong secrets and mysteries, face danger and uncertainty, celebrate what they’ve achieved and mourn what is lost. They love, yearn, cope with hardship, and discover how to take up the space in the world they deserve and have earned. The women of Silver-Hajo’s Wolfsong will remain with readers long after the last page of this stunning collection is turned.