File Cabinet

About the Book:

Shannon Curtin is a poet of quiet and gorgeous ferocity whose power simmers just beneath the understated surface of her work. And the spare, elegantly crafted poems in this collection manage to bear the weight of our shared human experience—particularly our capacity to love deeply and to be broken apart—in a voice which is as intimate as it is engaging. These are carefully observed poems of tremendous wisdom that ache with the knowledge of beauty and loss. —Patti Hinson, M.F.A, Board member, The Muse Writers Center

File Cabinet Heart is a unique lens that magnifies our everyday lives to show a sharper picture of our intimacies. Curtin’s poems are often weapons that fend off the dangers of closeness. They range from cautionary tales of the brutal truths of being exposed to a lover to the rebirth and forgiveness necessary to our navigation of life and love. —Michael Jon Khandelwal, Executive Director, The Muse Writers Center

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