The most beautiful moments are when we love and see love in unexpected places. We Love in Small Moments is a collection of snapshots into love, however that looks for you.


PRAISE for We Love in Small Moments


Melissa Boles’ We Love in Small Moments crackles with excitement, gasps for air, takes thrilling first steps, and hesitantly says goodbye. A host of LGBT+ and non-LGBT+ characters live the many ways we express and experience love: romantic, passionate, destructive, platonic, familial, and more. In We Love in Small Moments, Boles isn’t afraid to open her heart and to leave all of its tenderness, its fear, and its regret, on the page.

―David A. Romero, Author of My Name Is Romero

We Love In Small Moments is a glorious collection of stories about that the thing that binds us all, that unites us all, that resides within us all – love. These stories are balm for weary hearts, encouragement for everyone, everywhere – no matter who you are or what your relationship status is; Boles reminds us that love is complex and beautiful, and sometimes hard – but it is found everywhere, too.

―Megan Minutillo, writer, poet, educator

In these fourteen micro-stories, Melissa Boles weaves honest love with passion, longevity, and family. This collection steeps images in sensual and endearing moments, paying great attention to poignant dialogue. You will relive the first love from your youth to the love that grows into you.

―Rachael Crosbie, Editor-in-Chief of the winnow magazine and Author of Swerve and MIXTAPES