What Becomes of Ours_Kindle

About the Book:

What Becomes of Ours maps the twisted terrain of love and marriage.  Is there such a thing as too much love?  Does love shrink under vows?  With bewitching prose and refreshing honesty, Jeremy Broyles navigates the seductive but treacherous path lovers take when they try to sidestep loss.  This is a haunting and beautifully told story. ~ Ann Cummins, author of Red Ant House and Yellowcake

Jeremy Broyles’ new story, a meditation on commitment and emotional fidelity, deliberately and provocatively stirs the pages of Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway in its wake.  Broyles’ story and themes ride the same tides as Woolf, but his craft and vision are his own.  I’m eagerly looking forward to more such work from this talented author. ~ Darren DeFrain, author of The Salt Palace and Inside & Out: Stories


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