Popular culture is all around us, especially in today’s technological climate. I am forever fascinated by nostalgia reimagined in an ultra-modern lens. There’s such a demand for this type of content, and my career as an editor is dedicated to embracing it. The early 2000s holds a special place for me, though it’s more nebulous than anything since I was born in the same year as the Internet. For instance, my hazy idea of the 2000s is marred by the early phases of online communities, games, and social media. I found music on the radio, but mostly on iTunes. The poetry and prose here remembers the bits of the 2000s that my siblings would tell me about, and I would reminisce with them by proxy. However, there’s one thing that remains clear and ever-present in my memories and throughout this anthology: emo music, while a product of the 2000s, will always stay with us.

All new work by:

Andrea Krause

Amanda Duncil

SF Layzell

Ariel Goldenthal

Adrianna Jereb

Jody Rae

Joanna Bettelheim

Lauren Kardos

Addison Nichols

Alyson Tait

Alton Melvar M. Dapanas


Edited by:

Rachael Crosbie