Something Dead in Everything—a collection of flash fiction that explores the intricacies, intimacies, and strangeness of grief, in whatever form it may take; in it the reader is weaved into the fabric of everything and nothing at once—unsettling, dark truths meet the numbness we will all come to understand one day.

“Lannie Stabile’s talent for phrasing and imagery is phenomenal. Her willingness to share her vulnerability and pain is a tutorial for us all.” ―Charlotte Hamrick, CNF Editor, The Citron Review

“Stabile whispers in our ears unsettling truths—blunt, dark…occasionally infused with dispassionate longing. She, unflinching, exposes the striations of what is left behind.”—Susan Mulder, author of Broken Oranges

“I’d read a collection of Lannie Stabile’s grocery lists.”—Lee Potts, author of And Drought Will Follow



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