between_the_tables_me_detailAbout the Author:

Cindy Rinne is an experimental storyteller and record-keeper of many cultures. Her ethnopoetry is rich with texture and description connecting the ancient/present and the sacred within. Cindy Rinne creates art and writes in San Bernardino, CA. She is an author with Michael Thomas Cooper of Speaking Through Sediment (forthcoming). Her poem, “Mapping” was nominated for the Liakoura Award by Pirene’s Fountain. Cindy is a reader for “Tin Cannon” by PoetrIE. Her work appeared or is forthcoming in Young Ravens Literary Review, Rose Red Review, Eternal Haunted Summer, The MOON Magazine, Dual Coast Magazine, Artemis Journal, and others. She has a poetry manuscript, The Feather Keeper.

The concept of Speaking Through Sediment began with an invitation from Michael to collaborate. It also started with the concept of three sticks, and a Tigress. On the surface they seem like opposites, but discovered they had myth, writing about life experiences, and subject matter in common. This book is a collage of their voices.

She is featured on the BOATHOUSE blog with both her poetry and fiber art here.

Cindy is preparing to write a novel in verse based in Japan. For more information about Cindy Rinne, please visit her blog, her website and her Facebook page.

For more information or to purchase Speaking Through Sediment, please visit here.