ELJ Editions was founded in 2013 dedicated to emerging writers, however they may define that parameter, regardless of age, background, or how they identify. We want to amplify fresh voices to audiences excited to support their growth. As a special project of ELJ Editions, we offer REDACTED BOOKS, a highly specialized collection of literature within the ELJ Editions brand, focused on providing an outlet for individuals to offer their history and deliver inspirational literature within a supportive community in order to create a unique message for societal change that can transcend all boundaries. Through the written word, our authors will find peace, validation, and strength in identifying  and exposing realities and stories often censored in our society because they are seen as unpalatable or uncomfortable while creating a readership that simultaneously bears witness and finds inspiration to join the fight to broaden the scope of societal understanding of what inclusion really is and can be, and seeded within that understanding, a collective desire to expose the untold truths, to ensure every word is left. REDACTED BOOKS welcomes stories of mental health, addiction, incarceration, displacement, trauma, and so much more. If you think your mission and our mission align, please consider us as a home for your work.


We at ELJ Editions believe that collectively, our differences make us stronger, enrich our lives, and bring innovation and creativity across the literary community. We commit to cultivating a culture of inclusion and belonging where all authors know that their voices and perspectives will make a difference. We realize we have work to do to reach this goal. We welcome writers of every race, color, culture, religion, belief system, gender identity, gender expression, age, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, citizenship, education, ability, health, neurotype, marital/parental status, socio-economic background, sexual orientation, and those identities and experiences not specified here. ELJ Editions is passionate about supporting diversity, equity and inclusion in wider society through publishing and amplifying diverse content. We are committed to building an inclusive small press. Diversity is one of the cornerstones of a vibrant, literary culture, and we are working hard to build a press that is more equitable and representative of the evolving community we serve and of which we are a part.

Editor: Nicole Tallman

Nicole Tallman is a poet, ghostwriter, and editor, and the author of three books: Something Kindred (The Southern Collective Experience (SCE) Press), Poems for the People (SCE Press), and FERSACE (forthcoming in November 2023 from ELJ Editions). Born and raised in Michigan, she lives in Miami, serves as the Poetry Ambassador for Miami-Dade County, Poetry and Interviews Editor for The Blue Mountain Review, and an Associate Editor for South Florida Poetry Journal. She is also the editor of STAY GOLDEN, a Golden Girls-inspired special zine published by The Daily Drunk, and co-editor with Maureen Seaton of We Who Rise from Saltwater, Let’s Sing!, a collaborative Heroic Sonnet Crown for the Mayor and residents of Miami-Dade County. Find her on Twitter and Instagram @natallman and at nicoletallman.com.