Melissa Boles is a writer, storyteller, and impatient optimist from the Pacific Northwest who recently relocated to Tennessee. Her writing focuses on art, mental health, and the human connection. Melissa has been published in The Daily Drunk, Emerge Literary Journal, Stone of Madness Press, and at Fanfare and Sexology on Medium. You can find her at or at @melloftheball.

Take a peek at some of Melissa’s previously published work below.

I Don’t Need Your Obesity PSA. Or Your Fat Joke.: Body of Hope, November 2020

My Sex Life Makes Me Feel Like A FailureSexology, July 2020

Light on Serotonin, Heavy on CreativityInspired Writer, July 2020

hate sexDream Journal, October 2020

Left in ValdostaStone of Madness Press, September 2020 (a sneak peek at We Love in Small Moments!)

Rosary: Emerge Literary Journal, July 2020