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Flight Instinct is a collection of short stories that explores characters who are feeling trapped in the circumstances of life. They struggle to express their true identities and desires, and ultimately find small ways to reckon with big choices. They yearn for what could be instead of what is, and by claiming tiny victories of independence, come to terms with who they want to become.

Praise for Flight Instinct


In Flight Instinct Sara Dobbie has created a collection of exquisitely-crafted, miniature worlds. As the title suggests, the characters are in perpetual motion — whether they’re escaping, finding a way home, travelling through space and time, or standing on a precipice, about to fall over the edge. With wit, empathy and warmth, Dobbie finds the quiet parts of the human soul and holds them up to the light. The infinite possibilities of youth, the terrible phantoms of death, and everything in between.

–Rick White, author of Talking to Ghosts at Parties


Flight Instinct is an assortment of sixteen stories that capture the careless curiosity of childhood, the alluring enigma of youth, and the mellow understanding that comes with adulthood. The stories set in touristy locations of Niagara Falls and Notre Dame, and in marriage receptions or anniversary bashes, highlight the universal condition of being alone when surrounded by people, the realization that occurs when the mind seeks solitude in a crowd. Caught in the nuances of relationships, Dobbie’s characters are strong and relatable, their transformations subtle yet inevitable. Her voice doesn’t scream and startle but hums a discernment of the present, nudges towards a freer future.

–Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar, author of Morsels of Purple and Skin over Milk


Though grounded in detail and relatability–as if to say, you, too, must know how it feels to lose a son, a childhood flame, a brother, one’s inner glow–Sara’s collection Flight Instinct captures both celestial and worldly mysteries. The beauty behind the stars, the majestic moon, and lull of the tide are seamlessly laced into each unique and beautifully rendered tale. Woven into the wonder of the natural world, many of the pieces center around anniversaries, weddings, and memorials, and those events serve as the perfect backdrop to each intimate tale. As if each piece is an invitation to a momentous event, and then, with Sara’s expert hand at writing glorious prose, we are given a glimpse behind the scene. And these exquisite glimpses will settle in and stay with you for a long, long while.

— Susan Triemert, author of Guess What’s Different