Praise for swerve


Burning hotter than a late-night motel sign, Rachael Crosbie’s Swerve is a compelling exercise in liminal spaces, bodily and otherwise. It does not limit its own innovations in language, of course—all the while maintaining a thorough, moving readability for all levels of reader.

―Pascale Potvin, Editor-in-Chief of Wrongdoing Magazine


Rachael Crosbie’s Swerve ropes readers into a thoughtful exploration of body, place, and time. Like a storm, you will find a peace in the setting, but hear the roar of compelling language and voice.

―Shyla Jones, Editor-in-Chief of superfroot


Rachael Crosbie’s Swerve is a collection of masterful and gut-wrenching poetry. Each piece has a different special quality, and Swerve’s common thread asks you to experience emotions through the aching bones of the narrator. Even if you’ve never been in these moments yourself, Crosbie’s writing is so eloquent that it’s nearly impossible to not feel like you’re standing directly in the setting, each sensation throbbing through you like the rain that barrels through several of Swerve’s pieces. This collection will shake you and ground you in the same breath.

―Melissa Boles, Author of We Love in Small Moments (2021)