ELJ Editions’ Masthead is comprised of well-educated, well-published, diverse set of writers/editors/educators from all over the country. From age, to gender, to geographical location, to style, each of our editors has something special to offer prospective writers. ELJ Editions is all about the author.

Founder and Publisher: Ariana D. Den Bleyker

Special Projects Editor: Nicole Tallman

Lead Design Editor: Laurie M. Marshall

Guest Editor: Diane Gottlieb

Prose Acquisitions Editor (2024): Tara Stillions Whitehead

Nonfiction/Poetry Acquisitions Editor (2024): Maryann Aita

Acquisitions Editor (2023): Lannie Stabile

Guest Editor (Anthology): Rachael Crosbie

Workshop Leaders (2023):

Tommy Dean

Lannie Stabile

Jared Beloff


Editor Emeritus (2020-2022): Damon McKinney

Editor Emeritus (2013-2016): Lee Busby


Editor Emeritus (2013-2016): Ian Bodkin

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