Praise for Like Us

L’s depictions of queer love are raw and delicate, with an intimate understanding of how struggling with mental illness and struggling with sexuality correlate. The way they reconcile their queerness with a former/forced straightness is visceral and entirely too relatable. Here is a work that affirms girl love in all its holiness and reminds readers that girl love is not confined to one gender. 

–Lu Powell

Through their intimate intersections of love, sex, and mental illness, L’s stories transport you simultaneously to the cusp of adolescence and adulthood; quiet childhood questions that turn into lurid, grown-up transgressions. This work is written with pure magic and crushing realism that makes it impossible to forget.

–Maeve Scully

Scully perfectly captures the fluidity of time for the queer and mentally ill throughout this piece. They usher you through the pain and heartbreak of queer, disabled childhood, and adulthood the way memories flit around your mind before sleep. The illness and queerness become indistinguishable and the chapbook ends in the same yearning familiar to queer folks of all ages. 

–Autumn Laws

L’s words unfurl so many timelines! The reader gets a glimpse of their most intimate adventures near and far. You’re there too and it hurts.

–M Lovell